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Our Production


Food Art Company possesses own high-quality production in the Moscow unpolluted area. 

WWe believe that the basis of effective business is high technology that determines the competitiveness of products and services, promotes sustainable development.

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Our production capacities are completely automated and equipped with metal detectors for the purpose of removing the human factor during production as much as possible.

Raw material

The raw staff for our products is grown in unpolluted areas using modern agricultural eco efficient technics that preserve the natural wealth of nuts and dried fruits.


The accredited laboratory is well-equipped. Physical and chemical and microbiological indicators of incoming raw material and final products are checked on a regular basis.

Nuts and dried fruits are accurately calibrated by hand, the color, size, moisture content are determined as well.


We have our own warehouses allowing storage of different products with an individual temperature mode for each product category.

All the company products are prepacked in a multiply film with perfect barrier properties, which preserves products from oxidation and ingress of moisture, meanwhile good corrugated boxes prevent product squashing during transportation.