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We are always moving forward! We actively create new product lineups according with modern trends, striving to be the best in our field. We facilitate a proper level of consumer demand and interest in our product.

Regarding a full list of products you can contact Sales Department by phone number +7 (499) 707-71-76 or by mail 8 (499) 707-71-76 our sales department

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Foodart has released a line of sweet popcorn. Taste chocolate, caramel, fruit mix. Corn grains blown up by hot air are used to produce the produce.

This is possible due to unique equipment. Popcorn made in this way is less calorie and more useful and tasty!


Perfect breakfast, good snack at work and at home.

Complex product, which is based on whole cereals, having special nutritional value for the body. We have enriched the composition of the product with dried fruits and berries, ranging from more traditional apples, pears, raisins or prunes to exotic variants - papaya, pineapples, dates, bananas. The composition includes nuts and seeds.

Nuts in chocolate and glaze

Great for sweeties. Nuts combined with gentle chocolate glaze, peanuts in sugar and cashew in honey with sesame. Enjoy a combination of taste and benefit!

Fruit snakes

Fruit chips are seeks leadership in the healthy food market. And this is explained very simply: the composition is completely naturalized, the taste of the fruit itself and all vitamins are preserved. Fruit chips are excellent for snack, can be consumed during diets and while engaged in sports. They are nutritious and useful. Just imagine, in your bag or pocket there is almost a whole kilogram of fruit, but only in a convenient form.

Mixtures for salads

Unique range of mixtures for side dishes, salads and pastries. It is used as a delicious and useful addition when preparing all kinds of vegetable and fruit salads, various cold dishes and sauces. The mixture can be added to any ready-made porridge, to the starter and main dishes, to flour products when baking. It is very tasty to mix with curd and greens, sour cream and mayonnaise, yogurt and buttermilk. Enjoy your meal!