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Vegetables and Fruits

We offer only fresh, ecological clean product conforming to requirements buyer. 

Regarding a full list of products you can contact Sales Department by phone number +7 (499) 707-71-76 or by mail +7 (499) 707-71-76 our sales department

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Products are stored using specialized climate control systems. Storage capacity is 30,000 tons. Vegetables and fruit store in specialized refrigeration chambers.


The equipment is acquired from the advanced European firms specializing in long-term storage of vegetable products provides long storage and by that the company guarantees the stable volume and quality of deliveries during all calendar year.

Production power of workshop, commodity preparation, sorting and packaging of vegetables allow to process up to 100 tons of products a day in different types of packaging.


Foodart since August, 2012 applies a quality management system in compliance of ISO 9001-2008 to the following field of activity: cultivation, storage, commodity preparation and implementation of agricultural products, on the basis of the Certificate No. 1272RUQS valid till 21.09.2021.

At December, 2015 the HASSP system was implemented that confirms existence the certificate of conformity to requirements of State standard specification P51705.1-2001 "The quality system. Quality management of foodstuff on the basis of the principles of HASSP. General requirements".