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Mission and values
Mission and values

Mission and values

Our mission is production of exceptionally natural, safe, organic food for healthy nutrition, providing consumers with the highest quality products.

The Fundamental Principle of Food Art company is consumer orientation, maximum consumer demand response, including all ages, material wealth and social classes, provision of consumers with high quality, safe and healthy nutrition products.

Our corporate values

Our corporate values determine the culture of our company and the method of our activity management. Our values motivate the behavior of employees, both inside and outside the company. They bond people together irrespective of their culture, place of living and educational background. Honoring these values we ensure mutual respect among Food Art employees and the well-coordinated work.

Sustainable development packaging

Our long-term goal is production of all packing material from 100 per cent renewable sources without prejudicing their safety, quality and functionality. Our packing is for more than 70 per cent produced from paper, which means that we continue to place an increased focus on usage of wood in compliance with sustainable development principles and continue implementation of innovation in applied polymers and aluminum.