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Our Production


Food Art has its own high-technology production facilities in an ecologically-clean area of Moscow. 

We believe that innovative technologies form the basis of any efficient business. They determine how competitive the company’s goods and services are on the market and support sustainable development.

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That is why all our production facilities are fully automated and equipped with metal detectors to exclude the human factor as much as possible. In addition, our plant is ISO 22000:2005 HACCP certified.

Raw material

Our primary products are grown in ecologically-clean areas using modern agriculture eco technologies that help keep the natural value of nuts and dried fruits.


Our accredited laboratory has all the required equipment. We provide constant control of incoming primary and finished products according to key physical, chemical and microbiological standards.

We diligently calibrate nuts and dried fruits by hand, define color, size and moisture content.


We have our own high-tech warehouses that allow us to store products maintaining separate temperature for each category.

All products of our company are packaged into multilayer plastic with excellent barrier characteristics that protects them from oxidation and moisture infiltration. High-quality corrugated boxes keep products from crumbling during transportation.