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Mission and values
Mission and values

Mission and values

Our mission is produce exclusively natural, safe, environmentally friendly products for healthy nutrition, providing consumers with the highest quality products.

The basis of the Food Art Policy is consumer orientation, maximum satisfaction of its requests, regardless of age, wealth and social status, provision of its quality, safe and healthy food products.

Our corporate values

Our corporate values define the culture of our company and the way we organize our activities. Our values drive employee behavior, both inside and outside the company. They bring people together regardless of their culture, place of residence and education. Following these values, we ensure mutual respect among Food Art employees and coherent work.

Sustainable development packaging

Our long-term goal is to produce all of our packaging materials 100 per cent from renewable sources without compromising their safety, quality and functionality. Our packaging is more than 70% paper, which means that we continue to pay close attention to the use of timber in accordance with sustainable development principles and continue to innovate with respect to polymers and aluminium.